JBM family – MJ700, MJ800 and MJ900

This is the MJ700:

JBM MJ700 headphones

This is the MJ800:

And this is the MJ900:

They are  the current lineup of a new chinese manufacturer, the JBM. One of the models was recently featured in a brief review on zabrzmij. The MJ800 gained huge following among local audio enthusiasts so I decided to introduce them to a broader audience before Poles drain the market completely.

The first two pairs are medium to big sized earphones sharing the same construction within TDK Clef’s housings.  The last  model differs with it’s diminutive size, driver and also an inline mic with iPhone compatible, one-button remote. Despite the similarities neither have anything in common with TDKs or Philps’ SHE9000 in terms of sound and overall quality.
All three share the same kind of cable. The only exclusion are some copies of 800s and 700s, usually sold for a visibly lower price than their siblings and copies of the same model with standard cable. The purple sample shown in the photos has such a cheaper cable attached, but bear in mind that not all copies of this model are like that.
The aforementioned tail can be one of the JBM’s  best feature due to it’s durability, and in my opinion it’s wise to make sure your pair’s got the right one.

JBM MJ900 strong eraphone cable

The right one. Or…

On the other hand it’s a bit chunky, tangling and loud, which isn’t the case with the thinner cord.  However a handy-dandy cable clip from other set can solve this quite well. What’s worth mentioning – most parts are made of (miraculously) painted aluminium.
As for the accessories equipped with earphones, you’ll get typical Chinese rubbery tips, standard hard case and a little CD with burn-in software. And even though in most cases I’m a burn-in sceptic, JBM’s do need about an hour of playtime to be truly appreciated. But, to be honest, I didn’t bother to try the software out.

MJ700 and 800 are casual, straightforward earplugs. Easy to grab and plug into your ears, but you won’t forget they’re there and you won’t be able to lay on your side with them. Some softer tips would be a nice addition to keep a better seal and lessen the pressure.
Using MJ900 is different. They are tiny and if it wasn’t for the heavy cable, they would be easily my most comfortable earphones. With softer tips they excel being one of very few IEMs you can listen for hours without a break, or lay your head on a pillow.
Higher quality tips can also bring  improvement to isolation. Getting a good seal with stock silicone cushions can be quite troublesome, but the earphones, especially lower models can keep unwanted noise surprisingly quiet  despite vented construction.

JBM earphone size comparison

MJ900 are only 17mm in length and 11mm in diameter.

Finally to the sound. As I have mentioned in the beginning, the two pairs of the pack share the same construction, probably the driver and it seems they do sound similar, if not identical.  They are by far the most balanced sub $100 earphones  I’m aware of. Their character ranges from neutral to slightly warm depending on tips and other circumstances. The instrument balance is as good as I can imagine. They’re neither analytical or dry, and the way they present sound is simple, smooth and organic. Their highs are a tiny bit tamed though. I’m talking about subtle lack in extension that you may notice after several hours. The bass on the other hand feels linear and average in its depth.
Initial impression of MJ800 was a blast considering the fact that recently I’ve been used to typical sub $50 sound. The MJ800 and MJ700 create lush, airy and layered sound, immune from compression artifacts, random  sibilance and other unpleasant imperfections of the recordings. They don’t excel or fall short  in any aspect that comes to my mind, which makes them universal across genres and tastes. Ironically, such transparency makes them perfect for people who claim that they’re listening to music and not the equipment. In a long run I happen to miss some imperfections and stronger characteristics of other earphones.  Overall they more or less match the quality of such models like Soundmagic E10 and AKG K370.

The MJ900 shares some similarities with its bigger siblings regarding their smoothness and precision to the sound. Major differences that set them apart are slightly elevated, deepened bass and more enclosed presentation. The mids are full, but suffer from sibilance on specific records. The highs aren’t too convincing for me. Sometimes I find them to be short in quantity or overcome by higher parts of vocal. Overall they lose to their bigger brothers lacking their sense of airiness and versatility, but still they offer a pleasant sound when gotten used to, or paired with rather electronic genres. So far I tried to equalize them a few times, but in the end I always felt like I’m hurting their balance or character.  Complaints aside – they do sound way better than you might expect from IEMs at that price. Even the praised ones.

Overall JBM, similarly to other Chinese brands I reviewed, failed to deliver the feeling of luxury or care with their products. The whole package doesn’t speak attention to detail or generosity that western trade culture have accustomed us to. The materials used are great, but the finish is incomplete.  Finally the look of stolen designs gives me shivers. But then, when you’re past your role as a consumer and you begin being a user, the JBMs are simply outstanding.

10 Komentarzy to “JBM family – MJ700, MJ800 and MJ900”
  1. pawel pisze:

    Hej,miałem ostatnio MJ900 . Model zdecydowanie wzorowany na Philips SHE9000 z których miałem nieprzyjemność korzystać ,nawet ten sam napis umieszczony Perfect fit ,precise sound,to są wierne kopie tych słuchawek,budowa niemal identyczna ,gumki także są identyczne.Słuchawki mnie nie powaliły ,tzn grają przyzwoicie jak na 16$ ale czegoś mi tu brakuje,grają troszkę ciszej od takich Soundmagic E10 ,basu jest dość sporo i jest dobrej jakości, szczególnie po zmianie gumek na lepsze.Ale mając porównanie do E10 jakoś nie mogłem przekonać się do MJ900 bo dla mnie grały po prostu gorzej

    • pawel pisze:

      Oczywiście pisząc o podobieństwach do SHE9000 miałem na myśli tylko budowę zewnętrzna bo dźwiękowo MJ900 są znacznie lepsze

      • zabrzmij pisze:

        Z czasem się przyzwyczaiłem, że niektóre „oryginalne” modele są plagiatem co lepszych dizajnów. Takie pojęcia jak podróbka, OEM i rebrand tam się zupełnie zlewają. MJ900 to takie właśnie dziwne składaki. Teraz mam je na gumkach VASM i jest rewelacyjnie. No, ale to poziom Xkdunów i Q3, więc faktycznie nie ma co szaleć. Choć z drugiej strony jak się ma dobre silikony i żabkę to warto je mieć dla wygody.

  2. pawel pisze:

    Zgadza się, na standardowych gumkach MJ900 nie pokazują wszystkiego,po zmianie na inne poczułem sporą różnice na plus,słuchawki oceniam pozytywnie bo w Polsce nic lepszego z pilotem w tej cenie nie dostaniemy.

  3. TeusPL pisze:

    Bo dłuższym odsłuchu Jestem bardzo zadowolony z MJ700 grają świetnie z samsung galaxy s ( i9000) , Dzięki ;)

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